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    ".. Forming the Laity for the Church and society Today.."

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    ".. Forming the Laity for the Church and society Today.."


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The following Books are available at the Centre and can be purchased:
Sacrament of Reconciliation, Guidelines to Prepare Yourself, 2006. New Edition 2010
Sakramenti ya Kitubio, Nairobi, 2011

Apart from helping the reader to make a good examination of conscience based on the challenges that the contemporary society raises, the Book also answers the many questions of the Christian today: “Why should I confess to a priest?” “I have confessed the same sins for long. But I don’t see any improvement!” “I don’t remember any sins to confess!” And so on.

Price Ksh 100/- [Postage extra]
USD 3 (outside Kenya) [Postage included]

“You Joseph” – Life of Saint Joseph, 2011 You, Joseph is a historical novel on Joseph of Nazareth. It is historical in the sense that it describes a human, concrete life of a person who lived in a precise place and time, in the land of Israel, about 2000 years ago. It is a novel too, a literary creation, fruit of imagination and fantasy. It is a must read for those who wish to understand the life, challenges and the inner movement of a great person in our history of Salvation: Joseph, the husband of Mary.
Price Ksh 400/- [Postage extra]
USD 7 (outside Kenya) [Postage included]

Wellspring of Love – A Christian Family Magazine (Quarterly from 2007).

To order these or the Tri-monthly Family Magazine Wellspring of Love email us:

Prayer support

We believe that God’s work grows and prospers with prayer. If you wish to be support this Mission with your prayer and sacrifices please write to us.

Vocation Promotion

“The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to do his harvesting” (Lk 10:2). If you wish to be part of the Mission by sharing in the work of the formation of the laity please write to us.

Financial contribution

If you wish to support financially this work of God for the Christian formation of the laity please write to us (philotheacentre@yahoo.com). We shall inform you on how to channel your contributions.