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    ".. Forming the Laity for the Church and society Today.."

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    ".. Forming the Laity for the Church and society Today.."

Philothea Missionary Society

Philothea Missionary Society is a public association of priests, religious sisters, lay missionaries - consecrated and non consecrated-, Philothea Jesus Youth Movement and Friends of Philothea, with a patron Bishop, and a priest as Father and Spiritual Director established under canon law 312 # 3.

Philothea – Lover of God - is profoundly inspired by the Scripture and the writings and teachings of St. Francis de Sales. He was convinced that God sees and loves all humanity in which ever state of life one is. God loves them all. He called them Philothea! Lover of God!

Philothea - Lover of God - is also a response to the call of the late Holy Father John Paul II in his Novo Millennio Ineunte to give a “new impetus in Christian living and ‘the universal call to holiness’” (n. 30).

Philothea – Lover of God - was founded in Kenya by the guidance of the Holy Spirit through His servants Rev. Fr. George Kocholickal, a Salesian Priest, and Sr. Florence Kabbalah, Philothea Missionary Sister with His Lordship Maurice Muhatia Makumba as the Patron Bishop.

Mission Statement

Guided by the Scriptural teaching, “God is Love and everyone who loves is a child of God and knows God” (1Jn. 4:7) and our Mother’s cry, “They have no wine” (John 2:3), every Philothea lives the vocation to love God and come to aid of those in need.The Love of God and Love of Neighbour is the fire burning in the heart of every Philothea. This love of God is an invitation to all Christians especially the laity to manifest God’s love through love of neighbour. Our mission is to promote Love of God and Love of neighbour through faith formation programmes based on Scripture, Church Doctrines, Catechism of the Catholic Church, and St. Francis de Sales’ teachings for Christian growth. Our mission is to form the youth and the laity in family life, church leadership, professional life, pastoral care for the sick, and catechetical ministry

Our Principal Patron Saints

The Philothea Missionary Society belongs in a special way to the Holy Virgin Mary, and is assisted and guided by the two Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Now assumed into heaven and glorified, Mary continues to cry out to her Son, “They have no wine” (Jn 2:11).
The principal patron of the Society is Saint Francis de Sales, the zealous pastor, teacher and doctor of the love of God. The society preserves and lives his inspirational teachings and apostolic zeal towards the sick and broken. Saint Jane Frances de Chantal is the patron of the prayer group bringing contemplative souls together in the worship of God and intercession for the needs of the Philothea family members.

Saint Joseph, the beloved husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus is the patron of the Development Committee and of the Saint Joseph Group.
Saint Rita, the Saint of “impossible cases” is the patron Saint of the Saint Rita Group engaged in assisting the priestly and religion vocations and mission of the Philothea Missionary Society

Saint John Paul II, the Saint of the Family, is the principal patronof our Family Ministry anf the College for Marriage and Family Studies.

Apostolate and Ministries

Philothea Missionaries are founded for the Christian formation and transformation of the laity. We engage ourselves in formation programmes, which are based on the Scripture, Church’s current teachings and the spiritual writings of St. Francis de Sales.
The following are our current ministries:

  • Ministry to Families
  • Ministry to Youth
  • Ministry to the Professionals
  • Catechetical Ministry
  • Ministry to the Sick
  • Ministry to Liturgy and Vocation Promotion
  • Jane de Chantal Intercessory Ministry

Formation Programmes
  • Imani Faith Formation
  • Foyer of Love Youth Programmes
  • Mwanga Retreats
  • Talanta Spiritual Conferences
  • Word of Life Bible Study
  • Life in Christ Catechesis
  • Cana Marriage and Family Programmes
  • Agape Pastoral Care of the Sick

Philothea Family and Membership

Philothea Priests (responsible for the Pastoral spiritual animation and unity of the family)
Philothea Missionary Sisters (deals with Formation, Education ,Retreats, Seminars, counselling Schools etc)
Philothea Lay Missionaries (ministerial mission to the Family, Youth, Professionals, catechetical formation, pastoral care to the sick, liturgical formation)
Philothea Jesus Youth Movement – conducts youth animation programmes and supports the Christian youth movements
Friends of Philothea - deals with love in action in the professional world, charity works of the mission, prayers intentions of the mission
Saint Rita Ministry – supports vocations and mission in the Church, and specifically in the Philothea Family
Saint Jane de Chantal Prayer Group – sustains the Mission with prayer
Saint Joseph Group – supports Christian men in their families and helps the Philothea Mission Projects
Membership to the Philothea Family is open to all committed Catholics who wish to share the philothea spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales and belong to the philothea spiritual family sharing its charism and mission.
To be a philothea priest or philothea missionary sister there are further requirements as enunciated by the Laws of the Church the Philothea Constitution. The Candidate must be single with minimum of Form Four qualification with mean grade of C+ and above (or its equivalent) with basic college training.

For Information and further guidance write to:

P.O. Box 27707 – 00506
Nairobi - Kenya
TEL: 0725075566; 0735363923
Email: philotheacentre@yahoo.com

Prayer support

We believe that God’s work grows and prospers with prayer. If you wish to be support this Mission with your prayer and sacrifices please write to us.

Vocation Promotion

“The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to do his harvesting” (Lk 10:2). If you wish to be part of the Mission by sharing in the work of the formation of the laity please write to us.

Financial contribution

If you wish to support financially this work of God for the Christian formation of the laity please write to us (philotheacentre@yahoo.com). We shall inform you on how to channel your contributions.