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    ".. Forming the Laity for the Church and society Today.."

Institute of Spirituality

Philothea Institute of Spirituality and Formation was inaugurated in the year 2008 as a result of a request from the Catholic Scholarship Committee based in Kenya. The Institute was established to provide an additional one month certificate course in Spirituality for its sponsored students undertaking various academic disciplines at the tertiary level. As the Institute grows to address the spiritual needs of our students and in the spirit of communion, the Institute open its course admission to all Christians involved in ministry in the Church.

Our Mission

PHILOTHEA INSTITUTE OF SPIRITUALITY & FORMATION is a place for transformative for growth in holiness through the practice of Love of God and Love of Neighbour and a Resource Centre that provides spiritual training and moral formation for all Christians.


Christian Men and Women serving God in their various states of life within the Church’s ministerial apostolate to the Family, Youth , Professionals, Catechetical and Pastoral care to the Sick require a reflective study of Church Doctrine, Scripture, Catechesis, Moral and Social Doctrines and Spirituality. The fundamental task is to guide all students to their interior and exterior.


Core Courses

Fundamentals of Spirituality
Christian Holiness
Spirituality and Prayer life
Sacramental Spirituality
African Spirituality
Transforming Leadership Spirituality
Family Spirituality
Moral Life and Spirituality


Lay Spirituality
Human Development
Spiritual Direction


Entry requirement: Should have completed Secondary Education in their country of origin
Be recommended by the Religious Superior or other sponsoring authority as determined by the Philothea Missionaries
Admission Procedure: The student is to submit the relevant documents and apply for admission


The Programme is structured under 3 areas:
1. Personal Spiritual and moral Development
2. Spirituality in Family Context
3. Professional Skill and Training


Block Certificate Course in Spirituality during May-June
On-going Formation & Personal accompaniment Personal Accompaniment—Spiritual Direction: The Philothea Missionaries offer on-going spiritual and counselling support.
Every First Saturday of the Month Recollections (with a talk, possibility for Confession, spiritual direction)
Spiritual Guidance (on request and on all Recollection Days)
Sacrament of Reconciliation (on request and on all Recollection Days—First Saturdays and Last Saturdays of the month from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm)

Prayer support

We believe that God’s work grows and prospers with prayer. If you wish to be support this Mission with your prayer and sacrifices please write to us.

Vocation Promotion

“The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to do his harvesting” (Lk 10:2). If you wish to be part of the Mission by sharing in the work of the formation of the laity please write to us.

Financial contribution

If you wish to support financially this work of God for the Christian formation of the laity please write to us (philotheacentre@yahoo.com). We shall inform you on how to channel your contributions.