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    ".. Forming the Laity for the Church and society Today.."

Friends of Philothea

Friends of Philothea are committed apostolic-minded Christians and associate members of the Philothea Missionary Society. They are called by God to the universal vocation to holiness in grace and virtue in and through the Philothea charism and the philothea family. The Friends of Philothea seek to respond to the call to “universal holiness” through the path traced out by Saint Francis de Sales, the Doctor of Charity, and as elaborated by the Philothea Missionaries under the guidance of the Spiritual Director and the Mission Council.

The Lord Jesus lived his life of love through his teaching and healing ministry. Similarly as apostolic persons and as those who live the motto “Love in Action” (Change the World through love) the Friends of Philothea assist the Philothea Mission through outreach and net-working, by supporting the founding and development of educational Instituitions, homes for the physically challenged, and the other initiatives approved by the Mission Council for furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

The Friends of Philothea, living the "relational" spirituality of love build strong spiritual friendships among them following the teachings of Saint Francis de Sales. They meet once in every three months at the Saint Francis de Sales Family Spiritual Centre (Kiserian)for their regular sharing apart from their participation in the major events of the Philothea Family

For Information and further guidance write to:

Spiritual Director
P.O. Box 27707 – 00506
Nairobi - Kenya
TEL: 0725075566; 0735363923
Email: philotheacentre@yahoo.com

Prayer support

We believe that God’s work grows and prospers with prayer. If you wish to be support this Mission with your prayer and sacrifices please write to us.

Vocation Promotion

“The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to do his harvesting” (Lk 10:2). If you wish to be part of the Mission by sharing in the work of the formation of the laity please write to us.

Financial contribution

If you wish to support financially this work of God for the Christian formation of the laity please write to us (philotheacentre@yahoo.com). We shall inform you on how to channel your contributions.